Free Publications About How To Recycle!

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America's Marketplace Recycles: A Guide to Waste Reduction at Shopping Centers

Assessment of the Office of Solid Waste’s (OSW) 35% Municipal Solid Waste Recycling National Government Performance Results Act (GPRA) Goal for 2005
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Business Guide for Reducing Solid Waste

Collecting Used Oil for Recycling/Reuse: Tips for Consumers Who Change Their Own Motor Oil and Oil Filters
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Collection Efficiency: Strategies for Success
Adobe PDF File [912 KB]

Composting Yard Trimmings and Municipal Solid Waste
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Complex Recycling Issues: Strategies for Record-Setting Waste Reduction in Multifamily Dwellings
Adobe PDF File [365 KB]

Consumer Handbook for Reducing Solid Waste

Cutting the Waste Stream in Half: Record-Setters Show How (Report)
Adobe PDF File [1639 KB]

Decision-Makers Guide to Solid Waste Management

Extended Product Responsibility: A Strategic Framework for Sustainable Products
Adobe PDF File [541 KB]

Financing Guide for Recycling Businesses

Getting More for Less: Improving Collection Efficiency
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Green Advertising Claims
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Implementation of the Mercury-Containing and Rechargeable Battery Management Act
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It's Easy Being Green: A Guide to Planning and Conducting Environmentally Aware Meetings and Events

Managing Used Oil: Advice for Small Businesses

Measuring Recycling: A Guide for State and Local Governments

Multifamily Recycling: A Golden Opportunity for Solid Waste Reduction
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Multifamily Recycling: A National Study
Adobe PDF File [755 KB]

Puzzled About Recycling's Value? Look Beyond the Bin
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RCRA Training Module: Introduction to Used Oil
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Recycle: You Can Make a Ton of Difference
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Recycling Guide for Native American Nations
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Recycling Means Business
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Recycling Works: State and Local Solutions to Solid Waste Management Problems
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Reusable News - A periodic newsletter on Recycling Activities

Tribal Decision-Maker's Guide